What Is Cocaine?


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The German chemist Friedrich Gaedcke was the first to isolate the alkaloid that occurred in the South American shrub Erythroxylon coca. Gaedcke's methods were further refined by Albert Niemann who called the alkaloid cocaine. Gradually people all over the world began to discover the stimulating qualities of cocaine. Prior to its discovery by German chemists, the coca plant played a significant role in the customs of the Incas. The coca plant was introduced to Europe when the Spanish Inquisitions were over and the conquistadors were returning.

It was proven the cocaine has the ability to create a sense of euphoria by stimulating the central nervous system. Physicians also discovered that cocaine was an effective cure for morphine addiction. Cocaine was also used as an anesthetic for minor operational procedures. Sigmund Freud was one of the strongest supporters of cocaine consumption. The possession of cocaine is considered illegal in most of the countries in the world.
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Cocaine is an illegal drug. It is  a white powder and  has no smell .you usually take it by snorting it but it can injected if you make it into a liquid or inhaled if you heat it up. Base is  a purer  cocaine crack cocaine is when you heat it with baking soda or ammonia in water.  when you take it you feel dead hapy , have way too much confidence. You can have twitching muscles, dead fast pulse, feel sick high blood pressure, cold sweats. On the come down you can  be paranoid, depressed, or be dead nervous.the day after you feel like you have the flu.  its a class A  drug.it costs about £25 for a gram of coke, £23 for a rock of crack  in scotland.  it takes about 3 days to get out of your system if your clean when you take it. Abou 5 days if you take it regulary, and 8 days if you take loads. You can drink vinegar to pass a urine test but it doesnt work with everyone. Risks-  sneeze a lot  loads of nosebleeds,you will wear away the bit between your nostrils. 
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It comes from a plant called the coca leaf and does not naturally occur in America
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It is taken from the Coca plant normally found in South America. It is the base of "Crack",give you a high that is chased after, lasting normally 10-15 minutes. Often used as an local anesthetic in eye surgeries. When used for the "high" it will produce a high amount of energy, but when withdrawling you can suffer from being lethargic,depressed and so on.

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