Can I Remove My Iud By-myself?


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I just did.  About 30 minutes ago.  I was having CRAZY mood swings and I didn't even think it could be the IUD.  MY OB never mentioned it as a side effect.  I googled it though, and sure enough.  MY craziness was probably the IUD.  I also have acne on my back and was spotting everyday, all day.  This form of birth control is not for me.

So, I washed up,  reached in, and gently pulled it out.  I even called my doc, told her I did that and that I needed birth control pills.  She didn't seem to care that I did it myself.  She just said, "Well, you took care of that and saved on the doctor visit."  My prescription for pills will be waiting for me tomorrow.

So, be careful if you do decide to pull it out.  I'm sure you could hurt yourself, or rip something pulling it out.  If you can afford to wait and afford the doctor visit, I'd recommend letting a doc do it, BUT, my doc didn't seem to think it was a big deal that I did it myself and it wasn't hard.
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You can but I have been researching it, because I want to do the same, and I have read different places that the only problem is that you might have a hard time getting a hold of it. If you think about it, in all reality, the doctor will do the same thing you will...the only difference is that they have tools to grab the string. Also, even if the doctor does it there is a chance that you could get scratched. I am just trying to find the courage to do it myself right now! It is awful, I didn't want hormonal BC and I got this anyway... Horrible mistake! Good Luck!
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I have removed my mirena coil lastnight.I pulled the strings gently then yanked it out.was a bit sore,and got cramps straight away.I was just getting so sick of all the horrible side effects,couldnt handle it I'm worried becoz I am bleeding and still got cramps.anyone know if this is normal?
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Don't take that risk of taking out the IUD yourself at home as this can accidentally lead to injury of the internal os of the cervix if not taken out properly or the thread may break if uneven traction is applied and then the device will have to be removed under anaesthesia (will involve an admission in hospital)
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Even if you could, it is not a good idea. You could hurt or scratch yourself and then have problems getting pregnant in the future. If you live in USA and don't have insurance, there are centers (like Planned Parenthood) that offer gynecological services for low or no cost.
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Don't do it my IUD was stuck in my abdomen and atached to a piece of bowel, major surgery to get it out. 4 inch scar! Don't GET IUD!!!
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Y would you want to?? Your going to have to go to the same dr. As soon as you get preg, anyway,,,

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