When Should I Remove My IUD Before Trying To Get Pregnant?


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Elizabeth D. answered
I have an IUD. The Mirena. It says that when planning on conceiving women should have it removed 6 months to a year before so your body can recuperate and prepare itself again for a pregnancy. Make sure you tell your doctor after removing it that you'd like to have a child soon and would like to know when would be a good time to start trying. He'll probably need to give you a pap exam to make sure the IUD didn't affect your reproductive system and that you are physically ready to conceive again. Good Luck!
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You should have it removed 6 months to a year prior to attempting to conceive. Like coming off of any form of BC, your body needs to restore it's natural balance before attempting to nourish a baby. But who am I to say, I've never had an IUD, I've only read about it. Good luck!
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Jennifer Pressman , writer for www.quickconception.com, answered

6 months to a year before you plan to start trying. You'll also want to see your Gynecologist to make sure  you have had no damage to your ovaries, and uterus.

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