How Do They Remove A Stuck IUD?


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You would have to go into the doctor, the IUD has strings and they go in vaginally like they would a pap smear and go in and pull in the strings to get the IUD to come out.  They are very careful and cautious.  Things like this do happen so they know what they are doing.  It will be slightfully painful.  You may experience a few cramps at the time of removal.  I suggest asking the Doctor if you can take an Ibprofen 800 mg before them taking it out so it wont be so discomfortable.  You will be alright.  Then you may experience bleeding or a period right after but not always.  If it is really stuck they have other ways of gettng it out but I am sure they will get it out this way just fine, things like this happen from time to time.  Don't worry about it, it will be ok.
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They cant pull it out.... So Im wondering what is the next procedure, my docters didnt even know what to do.and Im pregnant.
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I know they pull it out but they can't, what other way do they have, I may have to get d & c hope not!

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