When Will I Get My Period After Iud Removal, I Have Taken Hpt But All Are Neg, Still No Period Just Cramps And Bloating?


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Did you end up getting your period?  I'm having the same issue, I had mine taken out a while ago and haven't had a period yet and all my HPT are negative
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I am having the same issue. I had my IUD taken out October 27th, 2008, negative HCG and no period. Major breast tenderness and bloating with cramps. What is up?
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I ended up being pregnant....
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Well first how old are you? It really depends on your body every young lady is different. It sometimes has to do with when your mom started. I hope that this helps
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Same problem here. Apparently this is very common. HPT are all negative as well and still NO PERIOD I'm going to get a blood to test to end my fears of being pregnant.

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