What Kind Of Diet Should One Be On For Fatty Liver?


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If there is a lot of fatty deposits in the liver, these can be flushed out by eating a high fibre diet, full of veggies and lots of water.  Avoid fast foods, they are the culprits and trim fat off of meat.  Better to broil than to fry, reducing the amounts of fats that are going into your system. Also, used more high olive oil, this helps break down fats, as well as omega 3 acids found in fish, like salmon, or there are many yogurts now and other foods that have been enriched with omega 3 acids.  Drink plenty of water to help clean your system and try to eat a balance diet, avoid thick rich salad dressings, and substitue with olive oil and lemon juice. Very yummy as well as long as you use herb and spices to flair it up

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