What Kind Of Diet Should Be Taken While Doing Gym?


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I generally eat 3eggs a day in addition to one glass of milk.
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Hmm you know? Just don't eat thinkgs like cake and chocolate and chips and stuffs like this witch makes you not to eat your general food witch you must eat it all .
And eat vegetables and drink milk and so much water.

Good luck
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There is no 1 specific diet you need to be on while hitting the gym.

But if you are going to be lifting weights and focusing at all on building muscle, you'll want to have a diet high in protein.  Ensure you're getting 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Aside from that, you could eat at around maintenance to do a body re-comp (add muscle while losing fat), eat above maintenance to build muscle, eat below maintenance to lose fat.

What is maintenance? It's: Bodyweight in lbs x 15, which is the amount of calories your body needs to maintain it's current weight.

More info on all of this here...

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Depends on your goals. If you're looking to put on muscle, burn fat and put on muscle.

A perfect diet for both these goals would be Oats with blueberries in the morning, a small helping of dry fruits mid day. A good high in protein lunch with brown carbs and chicken or fish as your protein, an apple in the evening, and again a good high in protein dinner with half the carbs you had for lunch.

Stay away from flour/maida/ white bread products. Stick to brown cards: Brown rice and brown bread are good options. Use olive oil over others. High amount of veggies to increase fiber.

Drink a lot of water to increase metabolism.

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While going for gym, you should have lots of protein rich diet such as 2 boiled eggs everyday.with that you should fruits like banana that helps to improve your muscle bulk.and hav lots of greenleafy vegetables which provide many nutrients to build up your body.

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