What Happens If You Forget Your Tampon In For A Whole Month?


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This actually happening to me (only for a week though)...believe me it can happen when you have a lot on your mind and I used both the napkins and the tampons, so I went to the clinic because it caused and oder they didnt even see it giving me an exam with a probe and a hand ..it finally came out one day while in the bathroom..I was lucky and so are you because that nonsense can cause toxic shock!
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I forgot my tampon in for a month and it came out finally now my period is two weeks late is that the cause or should I freaking out over a pregancy
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Lol its okay. That happened to me! Just recently. It can cause a yeast infection if left in. I actually left mine in for about two weeks. But I had also been putting in tampons over that because that was an earlier one. You just have to check. I mean..I don't know I didnt feel it when I cleaned or anything. So I don't know.
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I thought I was the only one, didnt know I had a tampon way inside me for 2 wks neither me nor my partner knew totally forgot bout it, the last week I've been sick so putting 2 n 2 together, n when the tampon gets that far up their is no string, the bad part is for 2 days I forgot a tampon,n that one was over this one so actually had 2 tampons n it, I quess stress would b the biggest thing, n I thought my firiend who forgot for a week was nuts for not noticing lol
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I'm trying to figure out how you never saw the string while you were showering or peeing!!!  But seriously  yes tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome.  How old are you?   How in the world did you not know that!!  I would suggest you stick to pads and leave the tampons alone.  

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