I Can't Insert A Tampon, Why?


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Yana Kafelova answered
Well it depends on wether you have had sex yet. If you haven't I bet it was probably extreemly sore when you tried to insert it. There is something skin thing inside your vagina wich breaks when you have sex. And that is the reason a girl's first time is so painful and sometimes the girl might even bleed as well during sex (the first time). Once it is broken it is not that painful you should be able to insert it. Another thing may be are you sure you are trying to insert it in the right hole? There are 3 holes under there. Very first one is for urine, the middle one is where you have your periods from and where you have sex and the last one is the anus. You are suppose to insert it in the middle hole. An easy way to insert a tampon for the first time is if you put one leg on the toilet seat. If you can't see what you are doing and have no idea where to insert it you could get a mirror as well and that way you could see where is the middle hole. Just to let you know that it is very painful when you insert a tampon for the very first time especially if you haven't had sex yet. ( by the way you don't loose your virginity when you insert a tampon) I hope I helped at least a little bit :)

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