Can A Virgin Use A Tampon?


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Julii Brainard answered
Yes, in most cases without discomfort.

The hymen is a thin membrane of skin that stretches across the vagina in most virgin girls. It's actually quite a fragile bit of skin, and can be torn merely by vigorous activity (such as riding a horse or climbing trees). This is not a problem. The hymen serves no biological or protective function.

Some girls worry that if they use a tampon and damage the hymen that somehow that doesn't make them a virgin, any more. But this is wrong; a girl is a virgin until she has sex. The state of her hymen is irrelelvant.

If a virgin girl wants to try a tampon, she should just insert it slowly. The hymen may stretch and keep its shape, or it may rip slightly. If inserting the tampon is not painful, it doesn't matter if it slightly damages the hymen.

Some virgin girls find that trying to insert a tampon is uncomfortable. There's no reason to protect her hymen if she doesn't want to, but if she finds wearing a tampon impossible she might want to seek medical advice about breaking through an unusually tough hymen.
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No you r still a virgin using a tampon. Some girls yes that she isn't a virgin when they have intercourse
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Yes I'm a virgin and thats all I use, and if its uncomfortable, well you have to get used to it.

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