Is Aerobic Exercise The Only Way To Burn Fat? Why Or Why Not?


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John Anderson answered

Aerobic exercise & resistance training are two exercise to burn fats.  But of the two, the most effective exercise to burn fats is aerobic exercise such as running, biking, & swimming. Aerobic exercise is better for losing belly fat because it burns more calories from our body.

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Daisy Sarma answered
Basically, we need to burn fat when we have put on extra weight, and need to lose it. Burning fat is a good way of losing weight, and is an obsession with countless people all across the world today. All the exces weight that we have on us is the result of fat accumulation, and is not a good thing from the health perspective.

A large number of people take to aerobic exercises as the preferred way to burn fat. However, this is not the only way to lose fat, unlike what some people may think. Most form of exercises, if performed regularly, help you to lose fat.

While most people prefer aerobics nowadays, there are a number of them who also look at other forms of exercise toburn the calories. Besides aerobics, there are so many other things that a person can perform to lose out on fat. One of the best ways to burn fat is to take brisk walks every morning. Walking, jogging, in fact most such forms of exercise can help you in burning fat.

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