How Much Phenylephrine 10mg Should You Take In 24 Hrs?


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10 mg of Phenylephrine as a cold remedy is often combined with 4 mg chlorpheniramine maleate which is an antihistamine. When it is in this form, it is not recommended that you exceed four doses in one twenty four hour period. If you are still unsure or if you are taking Phenylephrine with a different medicine, then you should either look on the box that your medicine came in or the instruction manual. If you have misplaced it then you should speak to your Doctor or another medical professional before you take any doses.

Phenylephrine is a decongestant as an agent to dilate the pupil and increase the blood pressure, and is most commonly used to treat sinus congestion that has been caused by a common cold or bought of the flu, Sinusitis, allergies. Its effectiveness stems from its constriction of the nasal blood vessels which decreases the blood flow to the sinusoidal vessels which leads to a decreased amount of mucus in the nose. It is not an antihistamine but it is often combined with antihistamines to combat the effects of hayfever.

It can be sold in different forms, the most common is a nasal spray as it can be administered directly to the affected area. It can also be sold as an oral liquid medicine or eye drops. 

The main side effect of using Phenylephrine is hypertension (high blood pressure) so people who have hypertension to begin with are advised to avoid medicines that contain Phenylephrine. Also, patients who have a history of epilepsy and have been prescribed anticonvulsant medicines should not take any products that contain Phenylephrine. Some patients who take this medicine have also been shown to have an upset stomach, abdominal cramping that can range from mild to severe and vomiting. Interaction between this drugs and others can also sometimes induce seizures.
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My cold remedy is 10 mg of phenylephrine (a decongestant) and 4 mg of chlorpheniramine Maleate (antihistamine?). The box says not to exceed 4 doses in a 24 hour period. I have followed this so far (not exceeding the four doses) and it has worked well. Good luck!

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