Could You Still Get Your Period If You Are Pregnant?


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When my mom got pregnant with my sister she still had periods because she didn't know she was pregnant and continued taking birth control so if you're  doing that than you could be pregnant.  Also I've heard that during a pregnancy you can be spotting but it sounds like you're not.  Take a ept for sure and if you don't want a baby or are not ready for one yet have you boyfriend wear a condom.
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I am the same .. Ive been on twice in a month . Plus I have been on for to weeks already . My mum went through with the same situation when she had her first child . I get morning sickness and back pains ..
I didnt use a condom ive only used it once in my life.
And also people say I look like I'm pregnant but I don't no if that just fat !
Could I be pregnant in anyway.
What should I do .thank you
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I had my cycle on March 24,2010, did not get one in April and started spotting on May 3rd.The spotting lasted for 5 days.Like I told my mom if I had a pantyliner on for the whole five days it would not even have been covered with blood at all(sorry TMI).  Then on May 29th I got a period. This has never happen before. I had a regular cycle since I had my daughter 5 years ago. Just want to know if I could indeed be pregnant.
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No, you aren't pregnant. You don't have periods when you're pregnant until you have the baby.

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