Does Stinger Total Detox Take Suboxone Out Of Your Urine?


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Wish I knew!!! I began to wonder the same thing about methadone, & look forward to any responses on this! I've been on it for 12yrs! Sure hope it's not been eliminated from my samples!
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It claims to eliminate all toxins, so it should or that's false advertising & you should get your money back.
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Like I was saying on another place, I hope it does NOT!!! I wondered the same about methadone, & will say that I truly hope the same thing; that it will NOT remove the methadone! I take my methadone at about the same time everyday. When I took this "Stinger" this AM before my test time, it was about an hour or so after my regular dose of methadone. I take it every day, for the last 11 years.

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