I Have Sore Nipples, Tender And Fuller Breast, Nausea And Vomiting,diarrhea, Fatigue Or Just Feel Tired, Missed Period And Pressure Behind My Belly Button And Very Once In A While Pressure Where My Pelvic Bone Is, Is This Is Not Pregnancy What Is It?


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Chances of pregnancy in your case are poor because your fallopian tubes are clamped and your pregnancy test has confirmed that you are not pregnant. Symptoms that you are mentioning can be due to premenstrual syndrome. This is a condition that occurs in many women of fertile age before start of periods. Reasons of this conditions are not fully known but it is said that high progesterone levels few days before can cause this.

These symptoms can also be due to pregnancy but you should rule out pregnancy as your test is negative. You should get treatment of premenstrual syndrome from your doctor.

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