Does Tingling In Breast Mean Pregnant?


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A tingling feeling in your breasts could be an early sign of pregnancy. Some women feel a fullness, itching, or tenderness in their breasts at the beginning of their pregnancy. Other symptoms are missed periods and nausea or morning sickness. Try buying a home pregnancy test to confirm if you are or are not pregnant. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can visit a doctor to get the most accurate type of pregnancy test. Health clinics can also administer a pregnancy test if you need to use one.

There are other conditions that cause tingling feelings in the breasts. In fact, up to 70% of women experience tingling in the breasts at some point. The most common reason is from hormone changes as you progress through your menstrual cycle. Consuming too much caffeine or having an unhealthy diet can cause hormone changes that result in breast changes. Caffeine consumption has actually been proven to be a major factor in breast sensitivity. If you are not pregnant, you might try cutting caffeine out of your diet completely for a few weeks to see if it helps. Stress can also affect your hormone levels, so try to handle your stress in a healthy way. Also, women going through PMS often experience tingling sensations. If you exercise, wear a supportive sports bra to prevent soreness. 

Some women get cysts in their breasts as they age. These are fluid-filled pockets in the breast tissue. Almost all are harmless, and can be tested by mammogram, ultrasound, and occasionally with a biopsy. If there are any lumps that are hard in your breast tissue, see a doctor. The best option is to check to see if you are pregnant because trying to guess will only stress you out more. Once you know what is happening, you are better equipped to make a sensible decision.
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Breast tenderness and tingling are not authentic signs of pregnancy. This can be due use of birth control pills or premenstrual syndrome. Before periods due to high progesterone levels, these symptoms appear. During pregnancy, progesterone levels are also high. That is why the breast tenderness in premenstrual syndrome is usually taken as signs of pregnancy. Only authentic sign which suspect pregnancy is missing of periods. If you have missed periods on due dates then get pregnancy test.

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