What Causes Fluid On The Back Of The Fetus's Neck?


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I'm wondering if you have been to have a nuchal fold test.

This is an antenatal test to calculate a risk statistic for chromosone abnormalities (read more). It works by measuring the thickness of the skin at the back of the neck of a 12-13 week old fetus, using ultrasound.

Basically, people with Down's syndrome and some other disorders have thick necks; they tend to have extra tissue at the back of the neck. This is most pronounced in babyhood; in a 12-13 week old fetus the extra thickness could be either extra tissue or fluid; either would suggest an increased risk of a chromosome disorder.

Many fetuses have extra fluid back there and don't have Downs syndrome or another chromosone disorder. A thick nuchal fold is not a sure indicator; fluid could be there for other reasons. It's important to remember that even a terrible sounding statistic like "one in three chance" of Downs syndrome, still means that the fetus probably doesn't have Downs (67% chance of not having it).
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IF a 20 week old fetus shown to have Excessive skin at the nape of the neck by ultersound that measures 7 does that mean he has Downs Syndrome

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