What Are The Hazards Of No Amniotic Fluid During A Pregnancy?


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In the womb the baby needs amniotic fluid to keep it alive. It protects the baby from impact and also aids development of various parts of the body and organs.

The sac forms about 12 days following conception and the fluid at that point is water from the mother. By 20 weeks of pregnancy the fluid is primarily made up of foetal urine. If the amniotic fluid levels become too low, this is known as oligohydamnios and can be measured through an amniotic fluid index. This condition most commonly affects women in their third trimester and if the baby is late by more than two weeks then this becomes and even higher risk.

Around 8 per cent of women have low AFI measurements at some stage in their pregnancy and those that go over 41 weeks have complications in around 12 per cent of cases. In this later stage of pregnancy the main risks are in the labour itself, with potential for cord compression which may result in a caesarean delivery being required.

If low amniotic fluid occurs in the first half of pregnancy then it can be more serious since it will have a more dramatic effect on the development of the baby and may cause compression of organs which may lead the baby to have birth defects, be stillborn or miscarried.
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I have had 3 babies with out amniotic fluid and they are all doing well and I had them all without a c-section... Babys heart rate was fine and there were no complications at all.... :) THere is hope.
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Hi I too had my baby recently and he was born very quickly and there was no amniotic fluid at all. They had been telling me he was very big for his age and I was measuring larger than normal,this wasnt my first baby.I had been having terrible braxton hicks for weeks prior to delivery,often thinking it was the real thing and I had been to visit the doctor with severe itching and high abdominal pain,they  said all seemed fine however, I believe my placenta had either ruptured or come away .Heres what happened during delivery.
Expecting a large baby(others around 9lbs) he was born very very quickly under an extrememly stressful labour and delivery weighing just under 7lbs. There was no amniotic fluid although my water had broke earlier in the day(there was a pop but no fluid strange) anyway he had passed meconium the cord was around his neck and he was born still surrounded by the sack which holds baby and the fluid. As I said before I found it extremely difficult to control myself through this labour and having three prior to this little bundle I knew exactly what to expect and was looking forward to enjoying it all but all the way through I just new something was wrong. Thankfully he after everything going wrong ,being shouted at my the midwifes during labour and being very stressed and also not receiving any checks on myself or baby he arrived and is now 12 weeks old and thriving...I still have no idea what caused all these things to happen but strongly believe the placenta was to blame.I believe he was a big baby but due to problems with the placenta was living off his body fat (I also lost a little weight at the end too) and is a miricle baby.
Its the first time Ive heard of no amniotic fluid at birth etc so this is what has led me to search up on it and I hope my story might help others too.Id love to hear of anyone who had a similar experience to my own..my addy is dorvita at msn dot com
Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancies and new babies.D xxx
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That actually happened to me and I had to have a C-Section the following day.  Basically without amniotic fluid the baby cannot thrive and as long as it's viable will be safer on the outside of the womb than in it.  Hope mom and baby have a long and healthy life!
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I'm currently going through this now at 29 weeks I was told I had no amniotic fluid and I decided to think it though. That was a month ago an my baby is still kicking and moving all over, the heartbeat is very strong so I decided to just wait it out and pray. I have an up coming appointment with a specialist so hopefully things go well. Oh yea an like the person before me said there is hope
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I had been told with my son that there was very low amniotic fluid. It can indicate a problem with the baby such as a birth defect or it may indicate a rupture and the fluid leaked out which can cause an infection. They did another test the next day on me and there was amniotic fluid and they decided to let me go to term. My son is almost 6 now and very healthy.
No amniotic fluid is a serious problem and the baby can't survive in utero without it.
I will keep your family in my prayers.

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