For How Many Days Are Humans Pregnant?


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Depends when the baby is born, doesn't it? Some are born months earlier than their "due" date, some are born weeks later.

Conventionally in the Western world, pregnancy is said to last 40 weeks. The first 2 weeks of that are before the woman has even ovulated or the egg has been fertilised. The next 7-10 days after fertilisation, the embryo is floating around and growing (dividing) -- but it hasn't implanted in the woman's body yet. She doesn't know she's pregnant; so is she really pregnant during this time? it's not guaranteed that the embryo will ever implant, in fact... so wouldn't it make more sense to date pregnancies only from the day when an embryo actually did implant?

Bit hard to pin down, isn't it all?

40 weeks = 280 days.
38 weeks (from fertilisation) = 266 days.
36.5 weeks (from implantation)=256 days.

So I would say that typically, we can expect a pregnancy to last 256 days. And full term babies can be born any time between 235 and 277 days after implantation.
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A full term human pregnancy is to 259 - 280 days or 37-40 weeks.

This is calculated from the first day of your last period.
So to be more accurate
If conception took place 14 days after the first day of your last period.
You need to subtract 14 days from the 259-280 days.

However, the way the medical community gages it.
A woman is considered 2 weeks pregnant the day she conceives
because they chart the pregnancy
from the first day of the last menstrual cycle.
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280 days
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Last month 20Th I got 7 days past I wont get period.I Tested with pregnancy kit.result came negative.what can I  many days after I can test for iam pregnant or not,I am worried.because I need baby,please help me.
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You have to wait a least a month to take a pregnancy test for the test to be more accurate
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You can be pregnant for up to 1,000,890 days straight you one person pregnant was a guy was pregnant for that long lol huh
9 months

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