How Do I Get Pregnant Fast?


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Well first with out sounding harsh. I hope you are wanting to get pregnant for the right reasons and not the wrong. Because being a mother is a full time job on her part. I have 2 beautiful little girls and I know I am glad when they go to bed at night to get some rest myself from the day. Plus I hope you have some one very special in you life that you want to share this GOD given gift.
First of all the most important part of trying is not to try to hard, just let it happen. But I would start trying when you know you are going to start ovulating, which is usually about the week before your cycle is suppose to come. Most women know exactly when there cycle will come every month, so if you know when , that should be easy to do. At this time you and your partner need to start having sex as much as you are able to when you get a chance. Once you have finished I would lay in the bed for about 10-15 minutes then get up. Also I have heard that you should pee-pee right after sex. Don't understand that but anyway , just thought I would mention it. Also you may want to talk with your OB/GYN and she what he/she may suggest. Also see if there isn't anything getting in the way of you conceiving easily. I wish you all the luck in your success at getting pregnant. Have a good day :O)
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Find out when you are ovulating and have sex two days before that day every other day and on that day and two days after. You have a five day open period, with two days being your most fertile.

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