How Long Does The High From Coke Last?


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The average high a user gets from snorting cocaine lasts for 15-30 minutes.
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With the first will last the longest time. From that point on, the high will be a shorter amount of time, with every use...thus the phrase, "chasing the high." The user is constantly attempting to achieve the same high that was experienced during the first use...and it never occurs. A user becomes addicted, attempting to reach that high, and many will die trying.
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You can not get high from coke.coke or coca cola is a soda pop not a drug....cocaine on the other hand is a lifetime addiction you never get over may go through drug rehabilitation and fight the urge to go back to using it ,but once you start you will be fighting it the rest of your natural life .that is why it(cocaine ) is called a addictive drug...cocaine- how long does it last depends on how much you use and whether or not overdose from it and never come should not use drugs if you do not know all the possible side affects like death....

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