What Weight Should I Be For A Male 6ft Medium Frame?


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What weight should I be for a male 6ft 2in large frame
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If you are 6 feet tall and have a medium frame, you body weight should be between 160-174 pounds or between 157-170 pounds. However, your age is also an important factor which determines your weight. Like people between the age of 22 and 35 who are 6 feet tall should be of the weight mentioned above.

Between the age of 35 and 55, your body will undergo a lot of physical changes and loosing or controlling body weight can become very difficult at this age. It is very important that you keep a check on your weight and have the ideal body weight in accordance to your height. Excess body weight can lead to severe health problems like strokes or diabetes. It is suggested that you see a dietician for increased or low body weight according your height.

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