What Should I Weigh If I Am A 6ft 2 Inch 30 Year Old Female?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

For your height around 153 - 187 lb is said to be 'ideal' but don't forget that doesn't really take into account frame size.

Some people are naturally bigger boned and can carry more weight without it looking wrong. Others, with smaller frames, will look fat even if they are the same weight as their bigger boned friend (I speak from experience!)

Remember though, as long as you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly you really shouldn't worry too much about your weight unless it vastly differs from the scale. There is way too much emphasis on weight today which, in fairness, is due to our unhealthy lifestyles, but the media is trying to turn us all into super models it seems.

Too thin is just as dangerous as too fat.

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