Can I Take Vitamins While On The HCG Diet?


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Generally, it should be fine to take vitamins whilst on the HCG Diet, but it isn’t really a requirement.  Some people find that they won’t need them any longer.

Always remember to seek advice from your doctor or dietician before making a decision about going on a diet or taking supplements.  Health is very important, so each individual must be sure they are doing the right thing.

HCG is a hormone produced in every person’s body.  Within pregnancy, it can help to turn fat into energy for both the woman and unborn child.

The HCG Diet is used for weight loss as well, because of its fat reducing properties.  The individual takes the hormone on a regular basis, which has been produced homeopathically, and is then put onto a strict low-calorie eating plan.

Both men and women can undertake this diet.  Vitamins can also be taken, but are generally not needed as fruit and vegetables are a big part of the diet schedule already.

Sugar coated tablets are usually worse for you than uncoated ones, so it is best to avoid the former where possible.  Liquid vitamins are best in many cases as they are sweetened using a healthier substance.

Diets do not always work on healthy eating alone.  Exercise is also needed to help keep fit and strong.

Regular exercise is important in order to keep the heart in good working order, therefore avoiding serious health problems.  Vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables will provide the body with much needed essential substances and reduce the chance of diseases, such as cancer.
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They actually recommend a multivitamin while on the diet.  Normally where ever you get your HCg from will offer a multivitamin special for the diet.  Any will work, but you have to make sure there is no vitamin E in them.  Catalyn makes a vitamin that is perfect for HCG dieters.  It is important to take the vitamins daily, since your body is lacking so many needed vitamins from a large variety of foods.   Good Luck if you decide to start the program. I have been on it for 5 weeks and I have lost 36 pounds.  It is an awesome diet if you follow it step by step.
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I do not see why not, just make sure that nothing clashes with what you are eating. Actually if you eat right you do not need to take vitamins.
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There's no reason to take vitamins while on the HCG diet but, its not going to harm you.  Just make sure its not one of those oil based liquid gel capped vitamins or that it doesn't haven any added sugars (the cheaper ones tend to have added sugars).

Quite a few people actually take multivitamins while on this diet as they are unsure if they're getting the nutrients they need.

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Your doctor should answer this question. You should not be on this
diet unless the doctor is monitoring and administering the prescription

IMO, vitamins are a requirement when you are only allowed 500 calories per day.

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