How Does Meprate Affect Conception?


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Meprate is a prescription drug that should be taken only on a physician's advice. The drug, whose scientific name is medroxyprogesterone, is prescribed for patients suffering from cancer, endometriosis, bleeding in the uterus, and also as a contraceptive. Therefore, if you are pregnant and also using meprate, there are serious chances that the drug will affect the fetus. While the drug does not pose a threat to the mother, it poses serious threats to the foetus. Meprate acts as a toxin for the foetus, and can result in improper formation of certain parts of the foetus if taken during pregnancy.

You have to clearly mention to the physician whether you are pregnant or not when you are consulting him for any physical condition that may require the prescription of meprate. A competent physician will not prescribe meprate to a pregnant lady. However, if you are pregnant and taking meprate, you have cause to be worried. There is no clear indication of the amount of damage that the foetus may suffer as a result of your consuming meprate; there are instances of fetus being healthy despite the meprate intake. However, you can be pregnant after you have gotten off the medication. It is not like meprate causes permanent loss of fertility; it merely acts as a contraceptive.

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