Is Lime Good For Pregnant Women?


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Hi there,

As a mother myself, I can reassure you that there is nothing wrong with having lime during pregnancy and in fact it has multiple benefits. It may be helpful to take lime during pregnancy in the form of a juice.

lime and pregnancy

Lime is a great source of vitamin C which is extremely beneficial to have during pregnancy as many women often suffer from vitamin C deficiency whilst pregnant.

In addition, lime can aid in settling down morning sickness and be extremely effective in curbing symptoms of sickness whether you have it in the morning, afternoon or night!

Lime is renowned for being an excellent antioxidant which can help to flush out any toxins from your symptoms and prevent you from day to day illnesses such as the flu.

If you haven't had lime during pregnancy so far I would encourage to have it in the form of a juice it is safe and has many nutritional benefits for a pregnant mother and their unborn baby.

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