Is it good for pregnant women to have intercourse?


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millicent williams Profile
There is no problem continuing a healthy sex life whilst pregnant unless there are medical problem.I did with my three kids!
Umesh umesh Profile
Umesh umesh answered
Its not good
Maltida Robinson Profile
Is against doctor ethics.I don't approve it.
Sujit Pradhan Profile
Sujit Pradhan answered
A pregnant woman can have sexual intercourse only in a careful manner.
brittney netterville Profile
Most doctors say that it is good for the baby for a woman to have sex while pregnant. Only if the woman is not having any problems with their pregnancy.
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Guy BOB answered
REALLY? My girl is prego, it doesn't hurt the baby? How is it good for it?
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brittney netterville
Idk but i am 8 weeks pregnant and thats what my doctor told me. Plus girls want it alot more when their for everyone

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