How Do U No If Ur Pregnant Without Taking A Pregnancy Test?


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For about two weeks I've had lower back pain low adomen pain like cramps way before my period I started spotting got a tiny bit heavier than back to spotting lasted four days then the next morning spotting again only when I wiped with a brow discharge  My hips or pelvic bones feels like there neing streched like a rubber band I feel so tired and week all the time headaches and using the bathroom a lot but I havnt been sick and my breast gets tender for a few minuts then it goes away yesterday I was in so much pain my body ached everywher I'm 18 I'm confused am I pregnant aor is something wrong with me I'm also afraid that if I'm pregnant it might be an ectopic pregnancy but I pray its not
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For a week I have been having back pains, tender brests, lots of heartburn, constapation (n I am alway good when it comes to pooping), and have been very weak! Its been like two to three weeks since my last period and they are never on time but they always r full n loaded! Since I have been having my pains and being tired I just started getting the early discharge of old blood that normally comes before my period but I always start my period a day or two after that! The discharge and some what spotting is going away! I never have a short period like that and well I took a pregnancy test and it showed up negative! I paid no mind to it but the other day my mom told me my boobs were a lot bigger n my dad said I was getting a lil tummy! I don't understand because I have never had this issue and actually starting to think I am but have no positive test to say so! What do I do and how do I find out?
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Well from my experience I was almost 5 weeks pregnant before I knew. Actually I knew that I was pregnant way before I had a missed period because I was drinking about 4 beers one weekend and ( well I'm a college student,lol) and off course I am use to drinking, but a day later I was feeling really sick to my stomach. For a whole week I was sick and could hardly get to my classes, so the following weekend I took a urine pregnancy test and it read positive and three days late I went to the doc and it was confirmed that I was 6 weeks pregnant. So in other words you will not know until you actually take a urine or blood test. Oh and another thing, I noticed that I had a yeast infection for the first time in my life which was  a sign of pregnancy, but maybe not for every woman.
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Um, I was having really bad heartburn and like my boobs got fuller.
But, yesterday at like my 5th week I started to bleed, I was having a threatened miscarriage.
So, don't party to hard you wouldnt want a miscarriage, there terrible to go therew.
I don't know forsure if I am having one or not, but just be careful (:

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