If You Drink A Lot Of Water Before Taking A Pregnancy Test And There Is A Really Faint Line You Can Only See If You Look Closely Could You Still Be Pregnant?


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Karen Henchen answered
Even a faint positive line is a positive. The only way even a faint line can be shown is if there is hCG present in your urine. That is the hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. I would definitely go to a doctor as soon as possible to get a blood test done, so that you know for sure.
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Mia Durand answered
I would not recommend going by inconclusive results of a single home pregnancy test. From what I understand, the result can also depend on how late you are, or how far into the pregnancy you might be. I would do another test to double check, and I would strongly recommend seeing a doctor to have a reliable test done to be really certain.
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Maria E Shetler answered
If doesn't matter if you drink 5 gal. Of water, if you are pregnant , it will show even a faint line...I would advise to have a blood test to be sure 100%. Take care.
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Yes you can, I did the same. Take a test with a digital reading. Xxxxxxx
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You shouldnt drink lots of water before you take the test as it will dilute the results making them not as accurate if at all. They only need about 5-10 seconds of pee to work well. :)
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Okay I'm in the same situation. But mines a lil diferent. I took a pregnancy test and a faint line came up and it was negitive I red that there more common to be wrong then a possitve. So I'm worrried. Can I still start my pierod if I got pregnant right before?
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Your  best  to  make  a  appointment  with  a  doctor  and getting  him /her  advice
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Ditto Karen, Shakti, and lady craft, I would not worry, I would wait another week and take the test again, or see a Dr.
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It does mater how much water you drink at all. I did a test late evening and didn't really wee a lot but as soon as it hit the stick it came up within seconds and I was only 2 weeks gone when I found out. So it does not matter how much you wee if your pregnant
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Ok so water doesnt make a difference you either are pregnant or not them. . . So even if you take the test and it shows that your not they you not??
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I wouldnt take home tests the can scrwe up esily and I really doubt drinking water would help.

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