Do You Get Flu-Like Symptoms After Sniffing Cocaine?


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Yes, you can do. Flu-like symptoms are actually a common sign of cocaine withdrawal, but you can get them for other reasons, too.

Flu-Like Symptoms The Day After Cocaine Use
Really, this should be common sense. Your nose is meant for inhaling air, and you’ve been shoving powder up it - of course you’re going to be a bit snuffly.

You might even still have some coke residue up there – blow your nose and take a hot shower.

Cocaine is a chemical, and chemicals burn. The membrane in your nose is very sensitive, so there’s a good chance that the cocaine’s damaged it.

If you take coke often enough, you can actually erode your septum (the bit of cartilage that separates your nostrils).

Another thing: Don’t share the straw or banknote, or whatever it is you’re using to snort the cocaine, with anyone else.

You’re basically inserting someone else’s snot into your nose if you do that. If they’ve got a cold or flu, you’re likely to get it too.

Flu-Like Symptoms After Prolonged Cocaine Use
Cocaine weakens your immune system by dramatically decreasing the effectiveness of your white blood cells – these are the ones that fight off infections.

Due to this, it’s quite likely that you actually are coming down with something – maybe the flu, or a sinus infection, or a common cold.

Flu-Like Symptoms and Withdrawal
If you’ve been using cocaine for a while, your immune system will be shot to pieces – you might not notice that you feel bad whilst on cocaine, but as soon as your drug binge ends, you’ll feel terrible.

Cocaine is a serious drug that can have serious consequences, so a stuffy nose is nothing on the scheme of things.

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