Does It Hurt To Have A Tooth Pulled Out?


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I m really scared of the shot but nothing else
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Before you go to you appointment ask the nurse if he will use a numbing agent before the shot. I feel sure he does but it may make you feel more secure if you know beforehand. You will do fine....
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Theres no reason it should, a good dentist will make sure the area is numb, & if there is any discomfort, they should stop as soon as you let them know,
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It shouldn't hurt. Some pressure and some grinding noises is it. I just had one pulled 3 days ago and was terrified for nothing!
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The injections are not painfull maybe just a little pinch and thats it.. Even if you feel that. As far as getting the tooth pulled all I felt was pressure and heard some noises but that was it..
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Going to the dentist to have a tooth removed may involve some discomfort but it is not something that is very bad at all. The doctor will give a shot in the gum to numb the area and you will actually feel no pain at all with the removal. You will feel the shot somewhat, but, actually, many dentists have a product they put on the gum before they even give the shot so that you do not even feel the shot go in. After the tooth has been pulled and the numbing agent has worn off you may feel a bit of an ache but an over the counter pain reliever will handle that. It's is nothing to be afraid of..minor discomfort.

If you are talking about removing a baby tooth at home, even easier. By the time it is ready to come out, the tooth is generally barely attached to the gum. A slight pull and it's over! Some kids do it themselves simply by reaching in their mouth and pulling and turning the tooth at the same time. Other kids, prefer to have Mom or Dad do the procedure using a string that has been tied to the tooth. After the immediate removal of the tooth you may have one or two drops of blood that you will need to spit out. But, that is about all there is to it, except to wait for the tooth fairy to show up with your reward.

Either way - it is no biggie!!

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