If I Took A 1 Mg Xanax One Time How Long Will It Stay In My System For A Urine Test?


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Opiates and benzo's take 4 days to get out of your system if your not taking them everyday! I do strict drug testing and when people fail test they give them 4 days in jail and when they get out they r always clean! But drink lots of water!
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If only one dose up to 3 days or longer
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I just actually posted a similar question.... I toook one mg of xanax and I have a urine test....8 days afteer the fact, ill be ok right??
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If you take benzos all the time.
For example, if you been takeing xanax for 6 months here and there.
Say_you took them every other weekend or 5 to 10 a week
benzos will stay in your system for a very long time, yes it matters a lot how much body fat you have. I know for a fact that benzos for normal user will stay in your piss for 4 weeks & all the way to
7 weeks.
Its a fact
but say you took just 1 xanax and never took one befor or even havent took one for 2 months
youll be ok in 1 to 3 days.
And water will help a lot
rember its a piss test.

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