Does Baking Soda Flush Your System?


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No, and a lot of believe is that drinking excess water will clean the body out quicker,this is also a myth as the liver ,kidneys work at their own pace and cannot be sped up. Excessive liquid intake can in-fact be dangerous.
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You are wrong I had used baking soda to flush my system for a year while in drug court two tblespoons in two large glasses of water and that's it don't drink more water because your urine will be clear that's called low creatnin it won't test also make sure you urinate once before you test after that your clean you might want to bring toilet paper with cuz your gonna be pooping water but these people saying it doesn't work are either woriking for the police or there just trying to act like they know something when they're really just lame I'm real with what I say but my homegirl did it and tested clean for months and then one time she did it and came up positive so its not 100 percent but I'd say 95 at least it worked for me three times a week for a year

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