How Do You Tell If You Are Pregnant?


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There are several different ways of working out if you have become pregnant, although signs may vary in frequency and level depending on individual biology. Primarily, you should time when your period is due, with a late period being a strong sign of pregnancy. You should also try and observe any subtle changes in your body, such as a greater sensitivity, tenderness in the breasts and otherwise unexplainable fatigue. A home pregnancy test is the most common method for checking for pregnancy, and can be widely purchased in shops or online. You should test yourself after you miss a period, or two weeks after a possible conception, as well as testing twice for accuracy. This involves urinating into a cup or onto a test stick, depending on the brand. You should also test first thing in the morning as your hormone levels will be at their highest, while it is also practical to see your doctor if a suspicion of pregnancy continues.
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Most women just come to know if they are pregnant. It is just a women thing. If you are pregnant, your body will tell you, that is if you pay attention. However, it is important that you ascertain that you are pregnant rather than assuming that you are. The first symptom of being pregnant is skipping periods. If you are two weeks ahead of the date you were suppose to get your periods on, the chances are that you have conceived. To make sure, you can either use a home pregnancy detection kit which are easily available at all drug stores, general stores and chemists.

You will get an instruction leaflet along with the home pregnancy test to help you perform the test properly. Do the test again after 5-6 days and then again after 2-3 days. If it shows positive all the three times, you can be sure that you are pregnant. You can also then go to the doctor and get a physical or urine test done, the results of this test will be 100 percent sure.
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One big sign of being pregnant is a missed period. Others are sensitive and sore breast, sensitivity to smell, feeling like you need to throw up, feeling tired all the time.. Best bet to know you are, is to simply take a pregnancy test about 3 days after your missed period.
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First thing I noticed was that I was constantly running to the bathroom.
Also your breasts will get sore and big.
Then your belly will start to grow.
Most don't realize till they miss their fist period

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