Why Do I Have An Irregular Heartbeat With My Hangover?


2 Answers

Amie Knutson Profile
Amie Knutson answered
Hey, when I have a really bad hangover, I have the same heartbeat problems...sometimes my heart just pounds for hours, no matter what I do and it scares me. Other times, I will suddenly feel it beat hard twice, then feel nothing.

It's really weird...anyway, I think it's because you're so dehydrated. That's what I've been told, anyway!
Joshua Rogers Profile
Joshua Rogers answered
It has to do with an electrolyte imbalance, due to the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption most likely.

Irregular or racing heart beats can also be a symptom of acute withdrawal as the level of alcohol in the bloodstream falls.

It is probably a combination of both. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably sports drinks such as Gatorade, to replace the lost electrolytes.

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