I Drank 87 Hours Before Taking An ETG Urine Test. Will I Pass Or Fail?


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Unfortunately you will most probably fail this particular type of test.

An ETG (ethyl glucuronide) test is widely used to test people who are not permitted to drink by their employers, or who have been legally prohibited from consuming alcohol by the courts.

This method of testing is superior to a standard urine screening, because it can detect alcohol use across a greater time-span. 

ETG test 87 hours after last drink
  • 87 hours roughly equates to almost four days, which means that you will probably fail your impending test. Normally an ETG test can detect alcohol consumption anything between three to five days after it was last consumed. A standard urine screening can only detect the presence of alcohol in urine for about twelve hours after it was consumed.
  • If you are being blood tested, then again - it should only be detectable for about twelve hours after you last drank alcohol.
  • In the case of a mouth swab test, the signs of alcohol will be present in the saliva for about one to five days after the last drink.
  • Hair follicle testing is used when alcohol consumption needs to be detected across a longer time frame. This method of testing can detect traces of alcohol up to three months after you last had a drink.

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