Where Can I Find The Ideal Weigh Chart In Comparison To Height And Weight?


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Google BMI is good if you are more than 19 years old. For this you will find number of sites that will explain you numbers and the mechanism of how to use this BMI chart.

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The above site will tell you lot about BMI calculator.

If your age is less than 20 then try BMI Child it is very good for youngsters as well. This is specially design for this age group because it is set aligned with the kid's growth curve. One can not use adult BMI for children.

But BMI is only good if you want to consider only weight and height. Actually there is no good chart on this kind of thing. Because one's weight doesn't depends only on height and age there are many other factors that affect the weight as well such as structure of bones, metabolism and weight of muscles and so on. If you are 100 ponds and have small frame and you look skinny or normal than that's ok for you.

You should have the weight in which you feel good and best. So BMI calculator is good if you want to find the correlation with height, weight and age but is not good if you actually want to find how mush your weight should be. For this its better to consult your doctor. He will guide you properly.

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