What's A Cpt Code For A Urine Pregnancy Test?


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There is only one CPT Code for a urine pregnancy test. The code is 81025. The code represents the identity of such a test. It is the recognition code for prescribing or administering a urine pregnancy test and allows the identification of such a test in a database or by a physician.

  • What is a CPT Code?
A CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Code is a number assigned to everything a doctor or nurse may use or prescribe, or to any task they do or a service they provide. It allows insurers to see what treatment their customer/client has had, in order to reimburse the doctor or clinic for the cost of the treatment.

Not all insurance companies, or doctors or clinics, use CPT codes. There are a few other varieties of code. If this is the case then there can be disputes about fees between insurers and doctors, but this isn't something to worry about. You pay your contributions to health insurance so you would still receive the treatment and relevant after-care regardless of their disagreements.

  • Are there many?
Yes. They cover anything from sperm samples, blood tests, tissue samples, a flu jab or even just checking your blood pressure. This list by United Healthcare ( isn't comprehensive, as the list is protected by the AMA - the American Medical Association - but it does give indications of what sorts of codes there are for different tests and samples.

  • What is a urine pregnancy test?
A urine pregnancy test is a plastic stick with a water-absorbent section of material to urinate on. The test is chemical-based; it looks for a chemical marker that occurs when pregnancy is underway. If it is then a chemical reaction will take place, changing the color of the pad. The box the test comes in will tell you which color is pregnant and which isn't, or if indeed there is meant to be a color.
Tests can be digital, in which case the color is replaced with a screen-based pregnant or not pregnant.

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