Can You Get High From Smoking Parsley Flakes?


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Yes, it is possible to smoke parsley flakes, just as it is possible to smoke tea leaves or any other dried herb. What smoking parsley flakes will not do is to get anybody high when smoked. The worst, or best, depending on perspective, that could possibly happen is to get that light-headiness one sometimes gets when having a cigarette after not smoking for a while.

  • No THC in Parsley
The reason parsley will not get a person high when being smoked is the fact that it has no THC in it. Quite a lot of youngsters seem to believe they can achieve a high if they just smoke enough of it. Even a kilogram of parsley could not produce the high of THC.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive substance found in cannabis. Believed to be a kind of self defense mechanism against insects or herbivores, this aromatic terpenoid, which is a natural chemical, was first isolated in 1964. In its pure form, THC a glassy solid while cold, becoming sticky and viscous when heated.

  • Why THC Works
The reason THC works the way it does on humans is that the human human body actually has two natural cannabinoid receptors. These receptors, CB1, which is located mostly in the human central nervous system, and CB2, which is present within the cells of the immune system, are partly activated by THC.

The psychoactive effect, the high that is experienced when smoking cannabis, is the result of the CB1 receptor being activated. THC also has some analgesic effects, meaning it acts like a painkiller. Many arthritis sufferers swear that using cannabis has changed their lives for the better.

Apparently studies have revealed that THC also has an action which may eventually lead to it being used in medication for Myasthenia Gravis and Alzheimer's.
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You get a little buzz, like the one you get before you actually get high. But yo! It stinks up everything. ( I use parsley for my smoke tricks... Its cheap)
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I have no idea what everyone's on about because Parsleys can definitely get people high. It just happens to be a bit of a stupid thing to do, not everyone likes the high and it obviously involves much more work than dialing up the most reliable drug dealer in your contacts.

MMDA, a psychedelic drug chemical of the amphetamine class that rivals the high that you get from Ecstasy can be obtained from Parsley. However, Parsleys have trace amount of MMDA, which is why smoking the plant is a bad idea because you'll consume very little MMDA whilst inhaling whole bunch of stuff which does nothing but harm your body. Just remember that Parsleys are severely under-researched for the purpose of getting high in comparison to some of the other illicit drugs.

People tend to extract essential oil form Parsleys and just eat it in shots, glasses or however they can but enough to get themselves high.

Don't take my word for it, just Google it because its been known since the 60's. When people make choices to learn about the effects of drugs, they deserve to know the truth rather than being parented online by a bunch of strangers who hasn't got a teaspoon of clue and make you look stupid.

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You can get high only by smoking THC containing herbs, otherwise you won't. I picked for myself medical marijuana exactly because it is THC-free; this fact makes medical weed a powerful tool against depression and insomnia, perfectly suits my dry herb vaporizer Yocan Hit.

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It's just very ridiculous to use parsley for these purposes. Hear better advice. For some time now, I have been enjoying vaping when I vape with a delta 8 cartridge with different flavors. These are really amazing carts that do not make me tall, but rather allow me to get a pleasant, easy buzz and relaxation. You need to learn more about these entourage effects and then you will understand how you can relieve anxiety or stress, for example.

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No, you can't, and it would be a silly experiment to attempt. You really need to think about shifting your perspective a bit if the only entertainment available to you is smoking a garnish.

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