Can You Get High From Smoking Italian Seasoning?


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Smoking Italian Seasoning will not get you 'high' and will probably taste a lot worse than consuming it on meatballs or with some focaccia bread. There is also the risk of doing damage to the lining of your lungs. 

What goes in Italian seasoning?

Although the recipe for Italian Seasoning can be quite varied, the usual combination of  basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, or thyme doesn't contain any herbs that are known to have psychoactive properties or ingredients.

How to get high on household items: The great internet myths!

There are a number of myths circulating on the internet that suggest that everything from dried banana peel to nutmeg will get you high. In some cases, these myths are completely inaccurate and are probably created by someone with too much time on their hands. On the other hand, some of the substances that are suggested will genuinely trigger a reaction in your brain, but the amounts that you'd need to ingest in order to feel anything at all are probably infeasible. Another downside is that the 'high' you'd be likely to experience could well be more like an unpleasant dizziness rather than the highs usually associated with smoking marijuana.  

For a list of plants that are certain to have psychoactive properties, you could check out a website called the erowid vaults. This is a site that has developed something of a cult status on the internet for its wealth of information on mind-altering substances.

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