How Much Sperm Is Needed To Impregnate A Girl?


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No it is not possible because although only one sperm is needed for the fertilization of egg  but the normal sperm count should be 40 million/ml and 3-5 ml is normal. This high number is needed because the all sperms secrete an enzyme which dissolve the shell of egg and then one sperm penetrate the egg. So it is not possible.
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Well, as Rayoflight said, usually it takes more than a little sperm on your hand to get a girl pregnant. If you can't wash your hands and desperately need to finger her, I suggest at least wiping the semen off. Indeed only one sperm enters the egg, but stop scaring the poor guy. You'll be fine buddy, although I suggest you carry wet wipes with you the next time.
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It only takes 1. When you "cum" in a girl, you relise about 1,000,000 sperm, but only 1, and sometimes 2 will reach the egg to fertilize it.
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
2-3 ml of ejaculate with 20-50 millions sperms per ml with at least 60% motility are needed to make girl pregnant.
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Ask far as I know once if god's will you will have the baby no matter what.
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1 sperm is sufficient enough to develop a babay, provided it reaches the right destination
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I can only reiterate what everyone else has said, it only takes one strong swimmer out of millions to impregnate.  If you want to avoid pregnancy,  please use proper protection.  If you play with fire, eventually you're going to get burned!  However, if you want to get pregnant, I'd say using a hand isn't your best option.  Good luck either way!
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Natalie Greene answered
Only ONE out of all the millions of sperm that are ejaculated is needed to create a baby! Amazing, isn't it?
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It only takes one microscopic sperm to make a child. Not on the hands though it would need to be through vaginal insertion only to get pregnant.
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Only 1. What happens is only 1 sperm gets inside the egg and then starts to grow into a baby. If 2 sperm got inside then she would give birth to conjoined twins.
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It's not impossible. That's why you have to be careful. Sperm is designed to be survive. However little.


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