Can A Girl Get Pregnant If You Finger Her And You Have A Little Sperm On Your Finger?


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Yeah its possible its a sperm
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Yes she can.
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No you can't get pregnant
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Its very rare that that situation appears to happen.
But sperm is sperm and you still have that risk of getting pregnant.
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It would be hard for her to get pregnant, because part of getting pregnant happens when the penis ejaculates and so sperms can reach, but still sperms and healthy ones can swim up to 48 hours
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I would say no, from what I have heard sperm dies when it is in contact with air. Which it would be if it were on his finger.
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Kyoko Katayama
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When semem is collected for artificial insemination, it is in contact with air in the plastic cup until it is sucked up into the syringe for injection into the cervix.

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