I'm REALLY skinny. I'm 5'7 and weigh 103 pounds right now. I'm severely underweight and my metabolism is wayyy too high. I have to eat a ton so that my weight doesn't go down. Look at my pictures. Am i too skinny to date?


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You should start working out more and building up muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so that will help you out. I wouldn't pig out on junk food, you might develop some diseases from lack of nutrition. It will also help to drink a protein drink before working out. :D Hope this helps!
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Cousin!! Your lucky your skinny! I'm 5'6 and 136 pounds! Your so lucky to weigh that much! Every guy wants a super skinny girl <3 xxx
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Wow, you need to see a doctor and if you are really too skinny, something must be wrong with your diet. Just eat more and a well balanced meal.
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Madisyn Ray St.Francis
Ya, see that's the problem. If i were to eat a well balanced meal i'd start dropping pounds liek crazy. I eat really sugary unhealthy foods and eat as much as i can but sometimes i just get too full. My doctor says my metabolism is and always will be in 'super mode'. He says i should have 5 separate full meals every day if I want to maintain a healthy weight.
Maxine Chan
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Ok, than listen to your doctor.
Kk polly
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I've been trying to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, and it makes it so hard to get enough food. I'm never hungry anymore. And I don't like eating breakfast. But I feel amazing, so much energy. Great digestion. I wake up skinny even though my dinner was gigantic. My overweight dad is uncomfortable with how much I eat. Lol
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Lmao I just put my mouse over the 103 pounds that you typed and Google told me that you weigh 46.72kg=P thats is pretty skinny, but nobody is too skinny to date and besides, your Awesome, it should be easy for you to get a date=D
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alexia smith
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Lmao haha=) your Awesome=)
Kk polly
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I agree, as long as you're not obsessive or anorexic then guys will totally be interested in you. After all my dad married my mom. She was probably 90 lbs. on their wedding day. Not on purpose either; she was just lactose intolerant.
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That is like a bit too skinny...I would date you though, also for them other people who recon guys only go for skinny girls...we don't always
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No your not aslong as your eating ok then health-wise you have nothing to worry about
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Madisyn Ray St.Francis
Oh ya i probably eat unhealthy because I eat like a pig to gain weight. Every morning I have a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce. I just really want curves!!
Kk polly
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For curves do weighted squats, and ditch the ice cream. Vegetables are 50% protein.
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WOW!!! Your wayyyy 2 pretty to worry about anything,, its not your fault that your metabolism is so high =P,, and I love the hip piercings thats just straight up sexi =D which leads to.. No your not too skinny to date =)
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Madisyn Ray St.Francis
Oh wow! Nobodies ever told me that before. Everybodies really nice to me at school but generally there will be a mean person who calls me the anorexic scene whore :P People can be so mean. And thanks! I LOVE my hip piercings!! ONly if my hips bones wouldn't stick out so much hahaha! XD
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Well those people that call u that need to be nudered,, lol so how did they feel and ur hip bones are perfect =P
jamie wise
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Ur welcome lol,,idk why people would give you mean comments u look great =) and ouch,,ive never seen hip piercings where i live and i would be very scared to have a tickle fight with you cause i usually go for the hips lol,, its hard for us people with high metabolisms to gain any weight,,..and if u ever met me you wouldnt have time to be self conscience =D im very very hyper and will do whatever it takes to get a smile on ur face =) espcially such a pretty girl as you =D
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Your so frickiin pretty! I'm very jealouss. And no your not too skinny! Your luckyy!

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