How Does A 15-Year Old Girl Lose Weight In Two Months?


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Hi I'm 15 and weight 180 pounds. I don't like the way I look and I'm very determined to lose weight :) I want to lose 40-50 pounds. I'm just eating less foods but just enough so I'm comfortably full, I eat three meals a day but only one helping and also less junk food, and I work out for an hour and a half 5 days a week, and I lose at least 5  pounds a week or more. For everyone else that is a teenage girl and wants to lose weight I encourage you to do it now because it's the best time to lose weight because you still growing an developing also if you like to eat a lot when you eat less it shrinks your stomach inside so you eat less. So I hope this advice helps you! :)
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I was a fat girl and now I'm tin because I followed a diet but its a lil hard ..
You can lose 40-47 lbs a month..
everyday you've to have a breakfast ( compulsory )
it must be containing : An orange - 2 boiled eggs
1st day : LUNCH : A fruit of any kind and in any quantity
  DINNER : Grilled meat - salad
2nd day : LUNCH : Grilled chicken - orange - tomato
   DINNER : 2 bolied eggs - orange - toast
3rd day : LUNCH : Free fat cheese - toast - tomato
   DINNER : Grilled meat
4th day : LUNCH : A fruit of any kind and in any quantity
   DINNER : Grilled meat - salad
5th day : LUNCH : 2 boiled eggs - bolied vegies
  DINNER : Grilled fish - orange - salad
6th day : LUNCH : A fruit of any kind and in any quantity
   DINNER : Grilled meat - salad
7th day : LUNCH : Grilled chicken - boiled vegies - tomato - orange
   DINNER : Boiled vegies
NOTES:: When you feel hungry, you can eat cocumber ..
   you've to walk an hour daily..
good luck . Hope I'll help you ..
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Does this really work? Where did you get the diet from I am currently obese about 250lbs i am looking for a diet that really works please send pics of your self if you don;t mind i need to see results thanks
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I cant send pics.. Sorry.. But yea it really works. I got it from my doctor. But u've to follow everything in the diet.. Good luck!
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Im 14 and i weigh about 180 pounds or less and im 5'3 how do i loose about 30 pound in less than 3 months?
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Lots of teens have this problem, and yes, I know its hard to deal with, I know for a fact, but the key is just to find something you like and stick with it. If you try and force yourself to go on a diet or plan that you don't enjoy, chances are you won't stick with it for long, and why should you? Life is too short to waist time on something that doesn't make you happy. Being healthy although is important, so find something fun! And all you girls that get made fun of, I know it hurts, but just think, the people that do it may be skinny and pretty, but they do have ugly hearts and they can't change that, you CAN change your problems. Keep your head held high and never give up. I know it may seem like losing all the weight may take forever, but in the end, it will be worth it. Don't give up. You ARE beautiful and are so worthy of living a wonderful life, no matter your size. And you deserve to be happy, so if losing weight is what it will take to make you happy, find something that works, but is also healthy and doesn't put you in any harm. Be smart. Be proud. And stay beautiful girls
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I don't think a 15 year old girl should be dieting, your body is still going through a lot of changes. Best advice would be to make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. -- if you are hungry between meals feel free to snack...something healthy like a piece of fruit, yogurt or granola bar. Be sure to at least drink 4-5 glasses of water.
You don't have to stay away from junk food at all; but be sure to indulge in moderation. Balance everything out!!
You don't necessarily have to start exercising like a maniac (it isn't a good idea, especially if you're body isn't used to it). Instead of taking the bus or getting a ride try walking  to your destination.
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I'm 15 yrs old and I use to weigh 180 pounds a month ago and I didnt lose weight from this I lost weight by drinking this

1- Take a half a glass of COLD water
2- Take half a lemon and squeeze the juice out without pulp or seeds
3- Add 2 table spoons of PURE Maple Syrup
4- Add a pinch of ground ginger or Cayenne Pepper
6- Add another half a glass of water and STIR
7- Drink 6-8 times a day
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For losing one pound, you would need to burn 3500 calories so you need to have a lot of dedication for it . Try the following:
- Exercise regularly
- Brisk walk or jog for at least 30 minutes every day.
- Drink lots of water at least 16 glass per day
- Avoid high fiber and high calorie food such as rice, bread, junk food etc
- Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits instead
- Add protein as a substitute to your food.
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Hi I am 15 and 182 pounds I have strech marks and I am really not happy about the way I look however when I am 16 I am going to join the gym and keep my horse riding up.
What I am trying to say is that just eat healthily and take a record of what you eat. Also at least try to do some exercise and keep busy it will make you less bored then less likely to eat rubbish!
It's not going to be easy but I am determined to get at least 28 pounds off and then work on building muscle!! Good luck everyone and remember the weight is not going to come off unless you eat, sleep and exercise well!!!! So work for it and set a goal then that way nothing will get in your (our) way!! X
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I just turned 16 and I've been battling my weight since I was 10. I used to weigh about 180-185, now I weigh 160. I'm still overweight, but I'm starting to feel better about myself. When it comes to loosing weight, I know this isn't what you may want to hear, but there really are no quick fixes. If you want to do it, you have to be dedicated. I've had more than my fair share of slip-ups on diets, and my will-power is certainly wavering. So if you mess up, don't worry. Just get back on track and focus on all the positive things you're doing for yourself. Just eat to be healthy and to feel better, and everything else will come. Make sure to do just get up and do some form of exercise everyday, even if its just walking around your neighborhood, and eat well! Don't starve yourself, it doesn't work-trust me! Good Luck (:
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Well I am 15 as well. And I am obsessive with losing weight. I am 5'1 weighing 140. That is overweight for my age. But I always eat healthy and exercise and I eat my 3 daily meals plus a little bit of healthy snaking in between. And it seem that I just put more weight on. Where I am heading with this is , Your body my body and every other teenager girl is growing , and sometimes may not have control over there body weight until they are an adult. Body weight will just take the fattening parts of healthy food and store it , and the more you don't exercise and stay active the more fat gets stored ..
Like my dad always tells me
Its easy to put weight on , but its hard trying to take it offf
Good luck hun (:
P.s Try not to become obsessive with trying to lose weight !
Your still a growing girl (:
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Don't overwhelm yourself with rushing into anything. The above answers are clearly good.  You might want to have a calendar of something similar to your class schedule, and write the time you will be walking for example if you go to school at 9:00 Walk 7:00Am.  Start out with one mile slowly, and build up upon it.  After 16 days, it becomes a habit.  So give it a shot and good luck
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All they are talking about is an 1800 cal diet cut the fat and suger from your diet and eat 5 360 cal meal a day and moderate exercise start with 20 min a day on a tread mill and work up to an hour I have lost 23 pounds in 2 month and get almost no exercise  because I am disabled.
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I am 15 year old
I'm suffering on my weight
everyday I ry to exercise but I'm lazy
I weight 70 kg  which is a lot for my age ,my mum always tells me to exersize with her but I'd rather stay home and watch tv, I'm trying my best to eat healthy I just started on dieting and I think that instead I feel hungry instaed  so what do you think I should do
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Honestly there is no crash diet or fad that ever lasts. If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off you need a total lifestyle change. I have been following fat loss factor which combines specific circuit training routines and a diet that speeds up your metabolism and burns fat, and am down 8lbs in 3 weeks. However it is no miracle and requires dedication, but if you stick to it you will shed weight and the safe way. Check out the review here, and good luck!

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Just try to get exercise and outdoors whenever you can, and try to keep yourself busy so you don't think of food
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Hey I'm also 15 and I weight 275. I need to lose weight fast because my mom is bugging me on how I look. I think that's not right. So please please help me
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Your body will continue to fluctuate until your fully matured - around 20 years or so. Give your body time to finish growing and evening out. Dieting is very unhealthy and most often you will gain more back once you stop. For those of you who are saying you want results but are 'lazy' don't expect major results by dieting alone. You have to be dedicated and really to loose weight in a healthy maner, it should take you as long to take the weight off as it did to put on. While I'm saying that trend dieting is bad, you CAN and SHOULD make changes to your diet to provide better nutriation for healthy growth. Because your body is growing and needs the nutrients you get from food, DON'T starve yourself = If you stop eating you may loose a few pounds, but once your body sees the pattern it will kick into suvival mode and store EVERYTHING it can. Eat healthy, you don't need to eat salads everyday, make your own food so you know whats in it and so you can regulate appropriate meal sizes. Plus boys LOVE women who can cook a good meal.  Instead of candy bars or pop eat fruit  or mix fruit juices with ice for a refreshing drink. Eating 'diet' food like special chocolate bars or chips is a trap - you will just eat more of them because they don't have as many calories. Green tea is an excellent detoxer, add a bit of honey instead of sugar and use milk instead of  cream. Fast food is the #1 thing to avoid like the plague. I can't stress enough how important it is that you learn to cook healthy for yourselves now. Think for the future, do you want your children to suffer the same way simply because you took the easy way out when there are so many resources? Talking to your Dr is the best way to find out healthy and affective ways for YOU to loose weight. Not everything works for everyone.
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By doing a lot of exercises (especially cardio) and if you have a great diet, then you can lose a lot of weight.

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You should eat low-calorie food. High calorie food is not recommended to lose weight lose. Fruits, vegetables etc are important to stay in your expected weight. Fruit contains fiber to help you feel full
quickly and vegetables for nutrition and to help you fill up more quickly. 

Don't eat too much at a time. But don't skip your breakfast. Divide your meal into a few parts of the day. Running, swimming , dancing , walking fast etc are some basic exercise to lose weight. Exercise can burn your fat. 

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The teenage years, especially for girls, are often fraught with concerns about body shape and measuring up to peers, which can lead some teens to take drastic measures to lose weight.

1. Follow the basic rules of healthy eating

  • Breakfast: Carbohydrates, fruit, protein
  • Lunch: Veggies, protein
  • Dinner: Protein, veggies, carbohydrates
  • Snacks: Fruit, veggies, protein

2. Try yoga or Pilates

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga

3. Invest in sports or hobbies that burn calories

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there! Two months is pretty limited, but you can definitely try something! I
need to warn you that it will cost to see real results in such a short time.
Your best bet is to get a personal trainer! He will monitor your nutrition and
put you on convenient levels of exercise. You will have to stick to the
allocated routine and do as he/she says!

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At 15 yrs old .. I find it hard to believe that you don't already know there is a difference between losing weight quickly and losing weight in a healthy manner.  Losing weight is not the same as losing fat.

Losing a few pounds by starving yourself (for example) doesn't reduce fat as much as it causes severe dehydration and damage to internal organs and the brain.  Although you can see a distinct difference when you stand on the scale .. Keep in mind its WATER weight that you've lost, not fat.

If you want to lose weight then don't be afraid to use a little common sense.  Eat portionate to your energy exertion. Drink plenty of water. Avoid high sugar foods/drinks, fats and salt/sodium (or any derivative) AND .. Get a proper amount of sleep every night.

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I'm 15 and weigh 176!
I always get made fun of... And I really hate it,I need a weight loss plan!
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I am also 15 and I want to lose like 20lbs. I am 5' 2. I weigh 130lbs and for my height I should weigh only 110lbs. I can be lazy but I need some suggestion and motivation. If you have any suggestions...please help.
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Eat when yer hungry, stop when yer full. Get 350+ cardio a day and don't eat junk food, lol. And do some yoga so you'll get toned too (:
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Loosing weight is hard, period.
My brother in law is really into the whole working out process.
He has told me that after every meal drink a glass of water;
with two table spoons of apple cider vinegar. It helps you go to
the restroom which helps you get rid of wastes. If you do that and work out daily then results should come fast. Its hard to keep up with it because of the taste but you will see and feel better.
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Well, I'm also fifteen, and I just hate how it feels to always be the bigger one out of all my friends. Winter isint the killer, but summer sure is. I havent worn a bikini since I was a kid, because I'm not happy with my size. Ive been trying to lose weight for a long long time. But its really hard.. I just want to see results.  So if anyone could tell me the best way for me to lose weight by summer (its febuary right now).  And I am 5'3-5"5 and I way 152 pounds
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I'm going through the same thing you are. I am 15 years old and I weigh 261 pounds. Its very upsetting and I feel unbeautiful.  This is a serious issue for me, and I need to take care of it before its too late.  Everytime I sit down, little creaks remind me of how heavy I am, and when I'm on stage for the school play, I feel so ugly in the little dress they put me in. I'm in the 9th grade and in 2 years I'll be going to prom, and I want to be decent enough to wear a beautiful dress and feel beautiful.  I've started drinking water and eating less, and working out, I even switched from Dr. Peppers and Reese's to water and 3 muskateers (which is 45% less fat) and it kills me because I don't like 3 muskateers nearly as much!  Will this help me any, or should I go on with a different approach?
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I'm 15 and I'm 4'11 and weigh about 111. According to my doctor I'm overweight.
I'm supposed to be 95-100 range. If your wondering why, she said it's because
I have a very tiny waist, but my shoulders and face are a little chubby and I have
big thighs. I have stretch marks in between my thighs and legs. I don't know if its cellulite,
but I don't know how to get rid of it, I've tried cocoa butter, but it doesn't seem to work
for me. Do any of you know how I could lose like about 10 lbs and get rid of my marks?
If you do, please let me know. My doctor said if I don't lose weight now, then I won't grow
because I have extra fat on my body.
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I am 15 and weigh 200 pounds I may not look like and eveyone thinks I just have a big but and big boobs but trust me under all that there is nothing good my body is mostly muscle from cheerleading all my life but I just got lazy and started gaining weight me and my mom try our hardest and are losing weight together.
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Im10 and whieg 154 pounds I whiegh the same as my grandma 10 I say your beautiful a lucky one and ima fat one go out there and be you for you
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I am 15 and  weigh 64 kg when I was 14 I use to weigh 49 kg a size 8 the reason why I was skinny then fat because I was hanging out with a girl that was about 110 kg then I put on 20 kg in a month *I was 70 kg a size 14* I was 50kg because I played a lot of video games and drawled a lot *two of my favourite hobbies* and walked from school to home, instead of doing that I kept on sleeping over her place and hanging around her at school and now I got stretch marks and huge boobs  which will never go away then my friend left the school and I lost 6 kg in a week sadly I didn’t lose as much as I wanted then she started calling me fat, the point is if you don’t get bored you don’t eat a lot of food and if you hang around big people you will become big yourself

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