Can You Overdo Exercise?


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Exercise ideally should make one feel refreshed though beginners may feel tired after a session of exercise. However if one feels exhausted consistently after exercising and feels sleepy or unenthusiastic one may be overdoing it. Pain and dizziness or lightheadedness after exercising are warning signs that one is either over exercising or performing the exercise incorrectly.

The level at which one should exercise for optimum results is relative; various factors like one's age, gender, lifestyle and overall fitness levels contribute to determining the level. Ideally one should start with exercises that demand a lower effort and then gradually increase the intensity.

It is important not to compare oneself with others while exercising especially with regards to weight training, as different individuals have different levels of strength and endurance. Exercising to the point of exhaustion does more harm than good as the muscles and the body overall does not get enough rest to replenish itself which results in various injuries, a lowered immune system and if persisted may affect vital life processes.

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