I Am A 13 Year Old Girl.I Have Had A White Vaginal Discharge. What Is It?


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It might just be a normal part of your menstrual cycle which you can't do anything about.If it stings or irritates,you could unfortunately  be suffering from the thrush, which is a very common infection.The best thing to do is wash it three times a day with hot water.after about a week, this should make it stop, but if not then you'll have to go to the doctor.
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I'm 13 years old. I have had brown smelly discharge. Its not itching or burning but it smells really bad.  I have not had my period yet and I'm worried it might be a yeast infection? What do you think??
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OK I'm 13 to.
Ive just turned 13 about a couple of days ago!
Now ive been having periods for only 3 months now and have been irregular!
Ok these are dates:
1st. 12th of november
2nd. 14th of december (late)
3rd.  3rd of january (about ten days early)
so I wasnt really worrying about this but now I'm really worried!
Ok so about the time I was actually suppose to get my period a brown clotty dicharge. This only lasted for about 3 days now its more getting to the white stuff that I usually have!
I was also sick on the 11th (which was my birthday) ;(
Now also I relized there was little bit of blood on my bed sheets!
Its really itchy and I really want to itch it but thats just disguisting. So I'm not tempting. Now my mum thinks that it could be a infection.
I am a virgin and I don't plan to *get some* yet (Thats just ewwwwwwwwwww)
I am thinking about goin to the doc! Which is probably the best thing to do!!
I'm not really worrying about this But it would be nice to know whats going on!!
Ive actually lost weight!
Ive lost 2 kilos and I have no idea how! So thats kinda good!
When I was sick I was vomiting with nausea. And gave it to the rest of my family! My brother got it, the dad now mum is feeling sick in the stomach (so shes next)
LOL (not really but still)
Could it be the sickness!
What do you think!
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A normal vaginal discharge has no odour (or very mild odour), causes no irritation and,  again, is usually whitish or clear. Although it's normal for the colour, texture, and amount of vaginal fluids to vary, some changes in discharge may indicate a problem.

See here for more information.

However, a white discharge with an odor and itching can also be yeast candida. Read here:

So, it's very important to get diagnosed by your doctor. If it is yeast candida and left on treated, it could turn into serious health problems, so  make sure you go to your doctor to get diagnosed.
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This sounds like a yeast infection which is easy to cure with over the counter remedies. At 13 I would bring this to your mothers attention and she can advise you what you should do, also if this has been going on for a while I would seek a doctors opinion!
Talk to your mum!
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You can get this color discharge before your period but if it itches or irritates then get it checked out because it could be a yeast infection called Thrush which can be easily diagnosed and treated. I would talk to your mother though because mothers can be very helpful so talk to your mother when you get some time together. It actually makes most mothers feel good to know that their daughters can confide in them and ask them questions about what is happening to their bodies. They are usually very happy to answer any questions that you have.
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I did too... Its normal. But if it stings or itches its probably a yeast infection because I have had an infection before but its easy to cure!
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I am also 13 and ive been getting a vaginal discharge for years now, its never really bothered me, but now I get like a little shooting pain around that area. I have worked out that the reason is that I might have a yeast infection, but I need to tell my mum so she can take me to the doctors. I was wondering, is it dangerous to leave a yeast infection for a few years before it gets treated?
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I have gotten that before.
I'm almost positive its perfecty fine and is not bad!
I got it after the first time I masturbated.
For the record I am also a 13 year old girl who started her period 4 months ago and started masturbating about 6 months ago.

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