Which Exercises Are Best For Overall Fitness?


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The world of health & fitness if full of "miracle workouts" and promises of instant results - but the reality is not that simple.

If you're looking for one exercise that's going to tick all the boxes, you're simply not going to find it.

This doesn't mean working out has to be difficult. Here's some useful tips I found very helpful when I first started planning my work out routine:

If you're pressed for time, resources, or just can't be bothered to do anything complicated - then jogging is the best exercise you can get.

It's free, you don't need any equipment, and it works out more muscles in your body than most routines.

Decide what type of exercise you really want
Exercise falls into three different categories, with three unique results:

  • Aerobic (cardio) - Great for burning calories, dropping weight, and toning up.
  • Anaerobic (weightlifting) - Good for bulking up and building muscle mass.
  • Flexibility - Needed to improve balance and protect muscles.

Ideally, your work out routine should be a balance of all three, if you're missing out one  you're not working out efficiently.

As for the specific exercises themselves, there are hundreds you can do, so I'd suggest consulting a personal trainer to work out what works best for you and your body.

Dieting isn't about loosing weight, it's about making sure you're eating in a way that helps you operate efficiently throughout the day.

Protein and energy are two vital aspects to any diet - and balance is the buzzword you'll want to stick to (no matter what you're looking to achieve).

Exercise can't be a chore - otherwise you'll never fully commit to it. Pick something that you enjoy doing, rather than something you think you "have to do".

Everything from martial arts through to skipping is a positive way to stay in shape.

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1.) Squats:

2.) Pushups

3.) Walking or Running Hills

4.) Pullups & Chinups

5.) The Plank

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Plank is a really great exercise that works on the stomach area and it is a part of my exercise regime. But recently i have come to know that there is a Plank device also that does similar work and helps a lot. Do you know anything about it?
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For overall fitness Swimming is the best exercise. It improves blood circulation and makes your body strong and fit.

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Swimming is the best exercise for whole body.... 

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Nowadays everyone wants to stay healthy and fit, and doing lots of workouts. As you also looking for the best exercises for overall fitness then you can try these exercises:-

1. Walking.

2. Cardiovascular exercises.

3. Lunges.

4. Push-ups.

5. Abdominal Crunches.

You can also take some supplements to increase the stamina of your body to do the workout. I would suggest you to take sarms such as these LGD-4033, MK-2866, and many more.

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For all women, if we really want to achieve an effective full-body workout and to shape up, it`s necessary to incorporate into our routine those exercises that include stomach, inner thighs, booty, and shoulders. For example, side plank is the example of a full-body pose because you work every part: Core, arms, legs and it`s great for balance and concentration. Also, nothing quite beats speed walking as it`s good for the flexibility of muscles and excellent for fat burning (at least 45 minutes of walking). The other thing that people often neglect is the importance of using proper workout gear. For me, before I go about my regular workout, I make sure to have gym shoes with a comfortable fit and proper support. So it`s definitely crucial to invest in some good bodybuilding shoes, especially if you have weak ankles.

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Maintaining overall physical fitness requires a combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise. Exercise is vital to a long and healthy life.  Here are some examples of exercises that you can do for the rest of your life:

1. Walking
2. Slow jogging
3. Knee lifts
4. Arm circles
5. Trunk rotations
6. Low intensity movements
7. Swimming
8. Cycling
9. Rope jumping

Have a healthy life!

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