What Can I Do To Lose Weight?


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This is the method I've always used, and it works for me.  It take a bit longer to lose the weight (than strict dieting and vigorous constant exercise), but what I do is cut everything I normally eat in half.  I don't overdo on sweets or high-fat foods, but I either toss the other half away, or put the other half of whatever it is in a plastic baggie for another time (before you start eating).  Eat only half of what you would normally take at mealtimes, and make sure you also eat your regular breakfast and lunch, only half the amount of it.  You can snack on pretzels or popcorn (as long as you don't add excess butter to it), and fruits and raw veggies.  If I wanted a candy bar badly, I would get the knife out before I ever unwrapped it, cut it in half, and froze the other half until I wanted one again.  Same with cake, cookies, breads, potatoes, etc.  Of course, doing exercises to get the inches off you helps too, but you don't have to kill yourself doing it, either.
I hope this helps you out a little!
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Your answer might help me but I don't know what to do because I only eat twice a day. I don't eat alot I eat a sandwitch in the morning and in the evening I eat like chicken soup, rice, and I hate pizza and fast food and I don't eat those kinds of food.
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Wow! Your diet is an inspiration to me! Perhaps walking or swimming, or riding a bike -- any exercise that you enjoy, will be the help you need.
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You should go on a cabbage soup diet it really works.
Cabbage only for one week and you will loose like 8 pounds that works great.
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Lets always Keep Fit
walk rather than taking the car.
Claim the stairs rather than taking the left.
Eat lots of fruits and vegas.
Eat white meat, well cooked.
Don't eat lots of pasta, and white bread.
Don't drink fizzy drinks. High in sugar.
Exercises regularly, start with easy one, and increase gradually.
If you really want to get great results, you have to change a lot of you habits, like smoking, drinking.
I wish you good luck.
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I firmly believe in walking to lose weight, I do this when I have someone to walk with. You need to go at a good pace to get a good effect from it, but not power walking. Make sure it isn't all flat ground as it doesn't create a difference in how you are working out here. Doctors recently said that walking is better because it isn't harsh on the knees and the ankles and hips. The impact from running does a lot of damage in the long run so to speak. Walk about 4 days a week to start and work up to longer time, and another day a week. Make sure you aren't eating foods that are high in fat content, and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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You can do what I do and work out in the yard actually doing some physical labor I lost fiteen pounds just this week alone by sweating it off....or simply start eating right and take a fifteen minute walk every day to up your metabolism and soon before you know it the weight will be flying off your body....maybe not flying but it will slowly start to come back off...
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I have found that red meat especially puts the weight on, it takes the body longer to digest thus for letting sit in your system and turn into fat. I eat carbs out the wo-hoo and all the candy I want but cutting out the red meat keeps my from packing on the pounds, also chicken is not as harmless as it seems, most chicken is pretty high in fat so cut down on the intake of chicken. Another thing is how your food is prepared. If you use a lot of oil or margerine, even asparraghas (sp) can be your enemy.  Ranch is loaded with fat, so just be careful of little things like that, you don't have to go to eating nasty tasteless health food, but intake the fatty foods sparingly. Also, try walking in stead of driving some times. Helps you burn off calories and saves the environment!
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I read from somewhere that eating all the foods you like is fine just take a sip of water in between each bites. This cleans your palate and it also fills you up faster too. Remember to ask yourself if you are full. Sometimes you may  just be eating because you want to finish your plate or you are just bored. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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I noticed your comment to an answer, and I have to say. Eating only twice a day is hard on your metabolism, it slows down and becomes sluggish, for years I have eaten only once a day, and no chips, lunchmeat or sweets. But I kept gaining, I couldn't wrap my mind around eating more to loose, but then I did just that, I started eating every 4 hours and lost 64 pounds,  once the metabolism kicked in it came off easily
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Low fat...omit white carbs...lots of fruit and veggies..protien....and walk..walk...walk...ride a bike..exercise....
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I'll give a long list of tips just avoid the fast food and do regular sit ups whenever you get time in morning or evening. It will definitely helps you.
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Its not only that you got to eat half. If you eat HIGH fat stuff, half, it doesn't become low fat. So you Got to STOP eating Junk Food, I gained around 10 pounds in 2 months and I have been losing weight since I stopped eating junk food. So all you need to know is that Stop Junk Food and start playing, go on walks, LONG walks, and don't sit after you had any food. Don't go on HALF of your food at once, decrease the amount every meal and not at once.
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My response is basically the same as Moebkr's. Want to lost weight? Okay, the easiest - and, to me, the most effective - method is to cut way back on the goodies that put the weight on in the first place. Exercise is good - no
problem - but, imho, one can do all the exercise in the world, but its effectiveness is limited if one continues to consume all that food. Cutting back is the _only_ thing that worked for me the couple of times in my life I've needed to lose weight.  Gary
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Ahh...there r lots of ways to lose weigt even m n diet these days I lost 10ponds in a month..iam on diet. N I avoid oil and fat food..avoid drinks n junk food..but you can eat on weekends and then can exercise, check your weight daily to know which thing gained you weight and which not..seriously it works..
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There are MANY things you can do to lose weight, but the basics are this:

Find out your maintenance caloric intake, the calories you need to take to sustain your current weight:

bodweightx15...for example: 130lb x 15 = 1,950 calories/day.

Once you have this number, try eating 500 calories less than this daily....this will equate to a 3,500 calorie deficit a week, which is the amount of calories you need to burn to lose 1 pound.

To lose more weight, eat at a greater deficit or do cardio to burn more calories.

As far as what to eat....eat foods like veggies, fruits and lean meats mostly as they are satiating and low in calories vs processed foods.  It will make diet adherence easier.

This should get you started...A proper diet/exercise regimen will take you to the next step.

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I have read some blogs with answer to that question. But I have also learned that it is not good to starve ones self. We need at least 1200 calories a day and it is not good that we exert into an extensive exercise with calories intake lower than that.

My tip is, to eat health--fruits and vegetables less carbo. You can check online as to the calorie count of the food you're going to eat. Of course, not to forget drinking enough water.

For the exercise, it is not good that you will choose just any exercise. You can consult a doctor first if you have physical problems or cardio problems. Brisk walking is good start. It has been said that walking a total of 10000 steps a day is helpful. I didn't mean that you literally count your steps, but walk a couple of kilometers at a good speed. Then after a couple of days brisk walking, you might want to jog.

Lastly, it is important to have a good and enough sleep. 

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Doing lots of exercise like jogging, walking, healthy diet will do. Going to gym also works
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You need to change your  diet.  Try eating about four times a day but smaller amounts and exercise. I bought  a exercise machine and it has helped a lot. Got mine here http://cookinguprecipes.com/health-diet/ or you could try a retail store in your area.

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