How Much To Run On Treadmill To ;lose 2 Kg's Per Week?


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1.5 hrs but you need to do:
5 min warm up
5min running at 70% maximum speed
2 walking
5min running etc for the full 1.5 hrs this is called interval training and helps burn more fat.
You also need to consider that the amount of calories you put in should be less than the calories you use becasue the calories you don't use will be stored as fat.
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You shld run 1.5 hrs every day at 16 kmph - 10 mph. But that needs a diet as well. Every 5 hrs at that speed you will lose a killogram. If it was on an inclined treadmill you will lose at least 2x the weight if not 3x. If its 40% inclined, ull lose atleast 5x the weight.
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1.5 hrs a day sounds like way too much! Be careful! My nephew, only 45 years old passed away in Feb. after his usual run on his treadmill in the garage. He was used to 30 min. or so a day, a father of 3, working hard to keep trim and keep his new job. He keeled over and his kids and his Mom found him there, unrevivable, and within 2 hours he was gone- it's so sad. So, be careful, get health check ups esp. if you live a stressful life and consult maybe a coach from time to time.
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The amount of calories you burn on a treadmill is going to vary based on the incline and resistance settings....The more intense the workout is, the more you're sweating and exerting yourself...the more calories you're likely burning.

If you're at an incline and running at a pace where you're perspiring after  15-20 minutes, chances are you'll burn 500 calories in 1 hour.

If you're relying on cardio on a treadmill alone(not diet) to lose 2kg(4.4lb), you'll have to burn 15,400 calories.

To burn 15,400 calories in a period of 1 week where you burn 500 calories in 1 hour, you'd need to spend 30.8 hours on the treadmill that week (4.4 hours/day).

Something tells me you're not going to want to do that, so I would suggest you aim for a more reasonable weekly goal of .9kg/week(2lb/week).

You're also going to want to count your calories.  I wouldn't go lower than 1,200/day as a woman or 1,500/day as a man.

What you should look into is a strategy on how to go about losing weight quickly and easily but in a realistic amount of time.

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