How Can I Loose My Wait Without Any Side Effects And Weakness?


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Christy Muller answered

A prolonged calorie deficit over time will leave you feeling lethargic and tired, especially if you couple that with cardio.

There are a few ways to prevent the lethargy though:

1. Don't diet at too extreme a caloric deficit

The lowest you can safely diet at as a female is 1,200 calories/day.  If doing this leaves you feeling weak and tired though, don't go lower than 500 calories below your maintenance.

What is your maintenance?

Your body requires a certain amount of calories to maintain it's current
weight (body weight in lbs x 15) if you were 150 pounds, that would be
150x15 = 2,250 calories/day.

To lose 1 pound you need to be in a deficit of 3,500 calories.  So if
you ate 500 calories less than this 2,250 each day (1,750 cals/day) you would
lose 1 pound each week.

So start off with that, 500 calories below maintenance and with a small deficit like that you should feel better.

2. Drink coffee

Perhaps not as healthy an option, if you drink coffee when you're feeling weak/lethargic, it will give you some pep to keep you alert and energetic for a while after....

3. Add re-feeds to your diet

A re-feed is where you take 1 day in your diet to eat at or slightly above your maintenance caloric intake.  This will re-fill your muscle glycogen and leave you feeling like you have energy again to handle the next few days of dieting.

You can find more info about how to set things up properly here.

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Suhail Ajmal answered
Start a light exercise and then by time increase it. Do not minimize your food. Try to take juices after exercise. It will make up the deficiency. Regular exercise of about 20-30 minutes is enough and will make you fit and healthy.
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Ah yes heathly weight loss! Just cut out soft drinks and fruit juices. Eat grapefruit or drink grapejuice. Also exercise, the best exercise is cardio. Since you want to lose weight don't to cruches because it will just make your stomach look bigger.

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